Ladies Night Out

Sunday September 14, 2014

Wow, what a night!  It seemed as though the guests filed into the club all at once, all excited for the performances.  It was a great vibe, a lot of newbies came out and our Ladies Night regulars.  Everyone was having a great time mingling, swimming and even getting in on upstairs prior to the show! At 11:00 pm hostess Fionna Flauntit gathered the crowd on the main dance floor and introduced the performers for the evening.

Percy Katt got the crowd purring with pleasure with a coy and cute cat number, complete with a tiger print cat suit.  James and the Giant Pastie closed the show with a super sexy strip tease to a classic burlesque song.  His playful gestures with some lucky ladies in the audience had everyone blushing and applauding.  Following the performances the fantastic DJ Johnny B Goode kept the party rockin’ until the wee hours. We can’t wait to have these fine gentlemen back and all the ladies would agree!