Lingerie Exposé

Saturday November 8, 2014

The excitement for the evening started early as the Wratens arrived with their suitcase of sexy outfits for the ladies, the dungeon was buzzing with ladies waiting for their turn to try something on. The lingerie fashion show started at 11 pm on the main floor, hosted by Toronto’s finest gentlemen, Jonathan from Kingpin’s Hideaway & Fionna Flauntit.  The show featured sexy outfits ranging from the 1950’s through present day, including garments from some of the models private collections.

No lingerie fashion show could be complete without a burlesque show!  Burlesque babes Dolly Berlin & Sassy Ray wowed the crowd with their amazing costumes & classic, strip tease routines.

A huge thank you to all the lovely models, designers and performers for their hard work and donations for the Lingerie Exposé fashion show.

IMG_20141108_225438  Dolly Dolly Berlin