Love Affair with Latex-New Designer at Oasis Aqualounge

Rae-Jan20142968Rae-Jan20143977On Tuesday January 7th, a photo shoot  was held at Oasis Aqualounge for the new latex designs by Raezor and her collection ‘Fluid Evolution.

The designer, an employee of Oasis Aqualounge, is in her last semester at Ryerson University, finishing her program in Fashion Design. She fell in love with latex, due to it’s durability and the variety of uses.

“Latex is a lot of fun. You can make high fashion garments or you can make an itty, bitty bikini…it all works and looks good.”

Rae’s future goals include designing for someone famous like Katy Perry or Lady Gaga. “I think they are really changing the face of the latex industry.”

In the spring, Oasis Aqualounge is looking forward to a latex fashion show, which will highlight the sexy and edgy designs of this creative designer!

Her collection is sponsored by Kink Engineering, Oasis Aqualounge and Ego Assassin.  Photography: Geoff George. Make-up: Maya Adivi.

Photos coming soon…