Mad Men Tribute

Mad Men at Oasis Aqualounge: Twister, Teasing and a Tribute to Class 

By: Miss F

On Saturday January 4th, Oasis Aqualounge paid homage to the seductive T.V. show ‘Mad Men.’  The mood was set, cocktails were shaken and silky lingerie caressed and hugged the figures of beautiful women.  Sexy clips from the series played  in the background and instrumental sounds from the early 1960’s created an elegant atmosphere of sophistication and sensuality.

Centerpieces of decorative martini glasses on silver platters offered guests replicas of cigars, which were popular in that era.  Hosts Fionna Flauntit and Miss F greeted guests in their sexiest vintage undergarments. A table of delightful burlesque accessories were on display, outside the dungeon. Colorful pasties and other adornments were available for sale, courtesy of Great Canadian Burlesque.

At 10:30pm, a lively game of Naked Twister was facilitated by Miss F.  Four flexible and daring contestants contorted  their nude limbs into compromising positions that attracted a number of spectators! The game was intense and these players gave it their all.  Their bodies moved swiftly around one another and there was an intoxicating vibe of competition in the air.  After about an hour, 2 prizes were handed out; one to the winner and one to the runner-up. Warming massage lotion and fun sexy toys were awarded for their tenacity.

When the clock struck 11:30, attendees were graced by the presence of two lovely burlesque performers.  Delicia Pastiche wiggled her way out of a vintage outfit to the popular Brittany Spears song ‘Womanizer.’ Considering the escapades of Don Draper-a character from the show-the song couldn’t be more fitting! Fionna Flauntit  followed, teasing guests with her charm and bubbly sexuality to a song by Dinah Washington. She was dressed in peach chiffon and vintage garters but the highlight came when she stripped seductively out of her outfit and slowly rolled her stockings down her legs. The crowd was certainly enamored by her sultry presence!

Guests continued to mingle, play and dance to the electrifying mixes by DJ Abe. The warmer temperature outside inspired others to jump in the outdoor heated pool, while more intimate encounters happened in the beautiful play rooms on the third floor.  It was an evening of flirtation, suggestion and red hot desire!