Masquarade Games

By: Miss F

Masquerade Gems

She met all three men at once at the front entrance of Oasis Aqualounge. It was a lazy and sticky Wednesday afternoon. They were waiting for her, these men, with their white towels wrapped tightly around toned torsos. As requested, each suitor brought along an item that had previously negotiated through a series of emails. After an extended period of introductions, discussions and background checks, the woman agreed to meet these strangers who were unknown to one another as well. The ringleader was a feisty voluptuous redhead with a libido comparable to the Indy 500. She was the visionary and creator of this scene, poised to make her ultimate fantasy a reality. After a brief inspection of names and faces, the men quickly donned black masks to cover their faces and wrapped a red silk scarf around the eyes of the woman.

Once they were certain that she could not see, they spun her around precisely three times until she was slightly disorientated. One stranger grabbed her wrist while the other two followed. Together the hulking masses of men and their victim of seduction marched up three flights of stairs to a large room complete with leather beds and an ornate fireplace. The woman, who only felt a strong arm and saw nothing but darkness shivered with fear and tingled with excitement. Her belly flip-flopped with butterflies and her pussy, which was snug in a pair of white panties begun to moisten, her lips growing luscious.

In the room, the large men propped her on the bed and surrounded her on their knees, their cocks fierce and throbbing with anticipation, “Are you hungry for some dick, you little slut?” The woman bobbed her head in agreement, imagining the taste of fleshy skin and salty sweat. “Then open your mouth and show me just how much you want it.” She opened her mouth so wide her lips cracked. Fuck, I

want this so bad

, she thought. Suddenly, she felt a series of pokes against her cheek and smooth hard skin teasing her tongue, brushing against her lips. While she couldn’t be certain, she pictured all three cocks jabbing against her face, smacking her and fighting to get inside. A hand grabbed her hair from behind and another hand grabbed her chin, tilting her head back and making the perfect entrance. One cock slid into her mouth and she sucked and gagged, sliding it down her throat and slicking it with saliva. The man withdrew his member to make room for another-this time it was much larger and the woman stretched her jaw to accommodate this thick rod.

Not to be outdone, the third stranger yanked down the woman’s panties which were now soaked with juices. He grabbed her soft white ass cheeks, spreading and kneading them like dough and rubbed with condom covered penis up and around her crack. He wanted her to beg for it and she immediately arched and bucked against him. He slid into her juicy, sopping cunt with ease and slowly began to fuck her.

While the two men in front vied for the attention of her mouth, the third quickened his pace, shoving his cock in and out in a steady rhythm. To the exact tone of her fantasy, she had become a human fuck machine-used and entered by three strangers at once. Suddenly she felt a tensing from the cocks in her mouth and tightening of muscles from behind. Hot, musky cum shot all over her face and dripped down her throat. She heard a thunderous groan from behind and felt the man grip her fleshy body. With one final thrust, the man slammed hard into her and filled the condom with opaque liquid.

They carefully removed her blindfold and with mascara smeared eyes, she looked at strangers, still covered in masks. They caressed her face and lovingly stroked her hair which was now covered in an erotic mess of sweat and cum. She smiled up at them and mouthed the words thank you. They returned her grateful and satisfied smile. All four guests were pleased with the crescendo of events. The woman silently bid the suitors adieu and made her way down the stairs to the showers on the first floor. The men followed behind but at a respectable distance. She had gotten what she wanted and ceased communication, the strangers, also in a vow of silence, did the same. After all, fantasies fulfilled at Oasis remain solely at the club.