Meet Your Host’s Dylan & Melissa

Meet Your Host’s Dylan & Melissa

Ready to dig in to this week’s show?

Here are 6 steamy questions Mitch and Ms F asked each other:
1. What’s the biggest lie you’ve told someone in order to get them into bed?
2. When was the first time you touched yourself? Are there times when touching yourself brings you more pleasure than being with a partner?
3. What do you enjoy the most about sex, the tension and buildup… the foreplay… the penetration?
4. Do you prefer rough or gentle sex?
5. Have you ever thought of having sex with a stranger?
6. Do you think size matters?

The answers will surely get you in the mood!

Which questions do you relate to the most? What other steamy questions did they ask each other?

Also, find out what dare the hosts were asked to perform at the end of the episode.

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