Oasis AquaFlirts & Erotic Art: Super Naughty Show

The Oasis AquaFlirts hit the town last weekend in support of erotic art during at the Super Naughty Show; an annual exhibition of local talent held at the Super Wonder Gallery Our promotional team attended both nights and engaged with gallery attendees, many of whom were familiar with Oasis Aqualounge and shared our values of sex, body and kink positivity.

Special thank you to the Super Wonder Gallery for welcoming the AquaFlirts and for letting us share the space in order to extend the message of sexual liberation.

Oasis Aqualounge also supports local artists who wish to display their original, erotic art on our walls for sale.

If you are an artist looking for additional exposure, please email us at: info@oasisaqualounge.com to be connected to our our in-house art curator.

However you choose to express your desires, our sex-positive venue and community will embrace your endeavors!