Oasis Aqualounge at The Everything To Do With Sex Show: Direct Energy Center, Toronto.

Oasis ETDWSS 1Oasis Aqualounge exhibited at the annual Everything To Do With Sex Show-an annual trade show featuring exhibitors, performers, sex educators and business owners from across the GTA and beyond.  This is the 4th year that Oasis Aqualounge has  participated and the booth has gotten bigger and sexier with every show!

This year’s display featured our events calendar of laminated posters, the Oasis bed ( a good example of the vinyl furniture featured at the club), a giant ‘vagina photo booth’ and a fully functioning hot tub.  Sexy Oasis staff enjoyed a nude/topless soak in the tub while onlookers and photographers snapped pictures.  Oasis Aqualounge featured a team of over 15 staff who represented the club and spoke to guests of the trade show about the facilities and events.   In addition, the booth also sold Oasis Aqualounge robes, 2015 calendars, tank tops and booty shorts.  All items are still  available for purchase at the club.

Oasis ETDWSS 19Many photos were taken throughout  the weekend and Oasis Aqualounge would like to thank photographers Armando Chin and Omar Funez, who were present for most of the trade show.  Oasis Aqualounge exhibits at shows throughout Toronto and the GTA. Please check the website for upcoming events/trade shows and visit us for more information on the club.  You may even get a chance to join us in the hot tub! Please check out the Gallery for more exciting photos from this show.

Tor14 - Oasis Aqualounge

Oasis ETDWSS 3

Tor14 - Oasis