Oasis Aqualounge Cannabis Policy

On October 17th of this year, the federal government legalised the recreational use of cannabis. Despite the legalisation, very little information was released regarding the rules around the use of cannabis on business premises. As we’re sure you will all appreciate, the Oasis management has taken some time to review the legislation as well as reach out to our local police division to establish the legality of allowing cannabis use in our smoking area.

As a result of these enquiries, we are pleased to announce that going forward, guests will be permitted to use cannabis in our smoking area.

We respectfully ask that guests adhere to the following rules when using cannabis;

  • The preparation, grinding and rolling of cannabis is only permitted in the smoking area. Please do not prepare cannabis anywhere else on oasis property.
  • Cannabis may only be used in the smoking area. The same rules apply to cannabis as tobacco, meaning consumption of cannabis on the pool deck is not allowed. This includes cannabis vaporisers.
  • Glass items are not allowed inside the club. This rule extends to glass pipes for cannabis use.

Finally, please enjoy cannabis responsibly. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please direct these to info@oasisaqualounge.com .