Oasis Aqualounge Does Mass Exodus 2014-sponsor of Raezor ‘Fluid Evolution’

Miss F & Bijoux At Mass Exodus 2014On Thursday April 3rd, Oasis Aqualounge attended Mass Exodus 2014-a prestigious fashion show for the 4th year graduating class of the Ryserson School of Fashion.

Mass Exodus Fashion Show

Oasis Aqualounge was one of the proud sponsors of Raezor, an elegant compilation of wearable and stylist latex clothing.

Raezor’s collection ‘Fluid Evolution’ was one of the top designers in the show and her beautiful clothing was showcased to some of the biggest names in the business.

Miss F and Bijoux sat third row center and were within view of Canadian fashion icon Jeanie Becker and other high profile names in the industry.

Mass Exodus #9Among those walking the runway for Raezor were Esther De Ville and Lady Shayne-two amazing members of the Oasis Aqualounge family!

It was an exciting evening and a proud moment to witness such creative talent from those who represent the venue. Please view the Facebook page for photos of Raezor and check out this hot, new designer! Raezor on Facebook


Mass Exodus #8

Mass Exodus #2