Oasis Aqualounge Media Event for the Everything To Do With Sex Show

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Credit: Armando Chin

Oasis Aqualounge hosted the media event for the annual Everything To Do With Sex Show, held at The Direct Energy Center from October 24th-Oct 26th.   The pre-party was held at the club on Thursday October 23rd, starting at 8:00pm.  This event welcomed over 50 special guests which included prominent photographers, journalists, promotional companies, bloggers and exhibitors.  Attendees included writers from NOW Magazine,  Mike Strobel from the Sun Media and   reporters from Love This City T.V.

The festivities were held on the 3rd floor of the club and guests enjoyed cupcakes,  gift bags, a display of sex toys and samples from Blow Vapor-a partner of the show and media event.  They gave away e-cigarettees and displayed an e-hookah. Sexy Oasis cocktail staff moved throughout the venue and bottle service was provided to customers.  Funky hip hop and house tunes were provided by DJ The One Rustafari.

On the main floor, Miss F sold 2015 Oasis Aqualounge calendars, which are currently available at the club for $15.00.  At 11:00pm, nudity and sex were allowed again at the venue and suddenly, there was a lot more skin showing! Everyone enjoyed the facilities and we thank the organizers of the

Credit :Paul Murton-The Bloor News

Credit :Paul Murton-The Bloor News

ETDWSS for holding their media event at the club.