Pillow Fight Night

Wednesday September 9, 2015

The Oasis ballroom was packed as guests anxiously awaited the pillow fight between Miss F and Fionna Flauntit. Oasis AquaFlirt Tashi (whom acted as referee for the first match) was scheduled to battle the winner. Guests were encouraged to place their bets on who they thought would win the match and with competitors like those it was definitely a challenge! Some ground rules were announced; no hair pulling, biting, smothering, etc. and then the match began with a fierce start! Miss F & Fionna battled it out by swinging pillows, stripping clothing off one another and tried everything they could to pin each other down for the win. After four rounds Fionna pinned Miss F and won the first game. Miss F and Tashi traded places, bets were placed and the second game began. It didn’t take Tashi long before she pinned an already worn out Fionna and took the title of Pillow Fight Champ for the night. The event was an absolute blast, we can’t wait for the next one…stay tuned!