Pitch a Tent -Oasis Goes Camping Poolside!

Saturday August 22, 2015

The weather was perfect for our Pitch a Tent event on Saturday.  Oasis served S’mores and actual toasted marshmallows with the Jameson and Baileys shot special. Hostess Fionna Flauntit pitched a tent poolside complete with sleeping bag and camping lantern which set the scene for the Spectator Sex performance guests eagerly waited for. There was even a faux fire pit outside the tent which really added to the overall camping vibe.

At 10:30 pm the pool deck was standing room only as every single guest that attended the club were either in the pool, along the banquette or sitting in the lounge chairs waiting for the Spectator performance to begin, the place was packed! With a flick of the lantern switch Fionna lit up the interior of the tent, pulled back the door fly and announced that the sexy spectator couple would be performing in and around the tent for all to see! Following their incredibly sexually charged performance their tent wasn’t the only pitched tent by the pool! This theme was such a hit we can’t wait for the Spring to do it all over again. Special thanks to T & L for performing outside of their box and testing out tent sex!