Pole Envy meets X Club-an Aqua Flirt perspective!

On Friday August 14th,  Oasis Aqualounge welcomed X Club members to a poolside party and evening festivities. As one of pole instructors,  I had the pleasure of entertaining our guests with a pole dance demonstration and free lessons on the main floor. Everyone had great energy, looked sexy in their bikinis and enjoyed trying out the tricks and spins I taught that night. It was a fabulous party-starter;  I couldn’t have been more pleased with the feedback. I was very impressed when a couple of avid polers showed off their advanced moves as well. There was a lot of Pole Envy in the air!

A change of setting is always refreshing  and  X Club members seemed to  enjoy what Oasis Aqualounge had to offer. As an Oasis Aqua Flirt, I had a wonderful time listening and sharing experiences of the club. It was a great way to spend a gorgeous Friday, and I’m certain that Oasis guests were  excited to spend the following day over at X Club!

Thank you to all who attended this weekend and we look forward to more shared experiences!