Red Hot ‘n Rockin’

Wiggle Wednesday -February 3, 2016

The ballroom was packed with regulars and some newbies this past Wiggle Wednesday, everyone huddled and snuggled in close together awaiting the show. It must have been the cold weather that was making everyone all hot and bothered; the crowd’s sexual energy was highly contributing to the super sexed ambiance in the room (not to mention the new stage lighting).

With a staked line up like St. Stella, Ruby Magnitude, Archer and Trudy Dare, it was no wonder this Wiggle Wednesday boasted a packed house. The show consisted of classic and neo-burlesque as well as circus and variety; each performer shared their vision and interruption of what “red, hot & rockin'” meant!

The ladies were all gorgeous, comical  and sexy but it was the hula hooping/strip tease by Archer that stole the show. The audience was literally stomping on the floor and chanting “holy shit, holy shit!” following his performance, an Oasis first. The show, vibe and whole night after wards was a truly magical experience. Thank you to the performers for knocking it out of the park.