Red Wristbands: “Not Interested”

Do you want to avoid being approached by others during your visit at Oasis Aqualounge? We now have an option to indicate that you are not interested in being approached for play.

Red wristbands will be available at the front pay station on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays as a complimentary service. They indicate the words ‘not interested’ directly on the bracelet.

If you see someone wearing a red wristband, please do not approach them to ask for sex/to play. You may say hello or smile but in general, we ask that you leave that guest alone.

If you are wearing a red wristband, and you feel that someone is propositioning you inappropriately, please mention it to an Oasis staff member. They will make sure that the person is made aware of the meaning of the wristband.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and please reach out to us for any comments or questions.