Return To Zen Night during Sass After Class

With university midterms underway and the gloomy weather starting to appear,  Oasis lived up to its name on Monday, October 15th during Student Zen Night. Guests had the opportunity to dedicate their evening to some much-deserved self-care with the help of our event hosts, fellow patrons, an in-house manicurist and a wonderful yoga instructor.

At 9:30 pm the yoga class let all participants regardless of skill level feel limber and at ease. By the end guests asking for an extra five minutes that Donnie was happy to provide.

Our dedicated manicurist worked through the night alongside our massage instruction to give every fingernail just the color it needed. Guests immediately took to grabbing a partner and bottle of lotion for some gentle, peaceful massages that put everyone into a calm state of mind.
It was a night of zen indulgence and the crowd went home with a renewed sense of  content, ready to  face the next day with a smile. We hope everyone who came in enjoyed themselves. We are excited to see you again for another event during Sass After Class.

– Tina