Road Trip to Naughty in Nawlins

We had heard great things about ‘Naughty in Nawlins’ so decided to hit the road in July and we had an amazing time. The four-day annual event for couples kicked off on the 4th of July with a group field trip to watch the dueling fireworks show by two barges over the river in New Orleans, just a short walk from the host hotel. The Astor Crowne Plaza right next to the famous Bourbon Street, along with another hotel nearby, get completely taken over for this event. Billed as the largest swinger convention in the world they have 600 couples attending each year. Oasis had a table among other vendors and was spreading the word about the club to our US neighbours.

Each day there are workshops at the hotel by sex educators, plus an entire floor of the hotel was transformed to a series of focused playrooms, including space for everything from the dungeon, to a dark room, to the orgy room. Each evening the hotel grand ballroom played host to a themed ball which was a spectacle to behold–attendees at this event go all out for costumes! I’ve attended many clubs with themes and wasn’t prepared for the high percentage of ‘Naughty’ couples who came ready with costumes for each night. This event is organized by Bob and Tess, owners of French Connection Events, are from New Orleans and besides being amazing hosts, they run a naughty cruise and this year have expanded to offer a ‘Naughty In LA’ event right before one of their Naughty Cruise launches and heads to Alaska. You can attend either event separately or attend Naughty  in LA and keep the party going on the cruise.

One of the great things about Naughty in Nawlins was that they partnered with local bars to offer a number of offsite events so you didn’t just come to the hotel and stay there. Most of the venues where events were held had live bands, even on the weekday days. My favourite venue and event was the bull riding, where I tried riding the bull for the first time ever –naked of course. These venues ensured that only those with the convention passes attended so we knew that everyone there was ‘one of us’. Another highlight was the swinger parade where we were all encouraged to wear white and make signs (cardboard and markets provided) and they gave us complimentary parasols to twirl as we walked. Just like in Treme, the HBO series, our parade was led by a New Orleans marching band and we made sure the locals knew we were there. My favourite sign read “Don’t hate us cause you ain’t us”, a great swinger motto. The food was awesome with most restaurants offering their version of a Po Boy (a gourmet sandwich).

The Crowne Plaza is a wonderful host hotel with an outdoor pool on the third floor where people were naked and no one seemed to mind quiet sex taking place. With the balcony overlooking Bourbon Street, you could safely watch the night life taking place and drop appreciative beads to those that would flash for you. They wisely didn’t schedule any morning events, but there were generally at least two things to do at any given time, so there was never a dull moment. Many people left their hotel room doors open to invite those walking by to introduce themselves, watch or come join the fun. We found the people very friendly and even met some fellow Canadians.

Overall, we would return to this well run event in a heartbeat. In fact, Oasis is going to organize a group to attend next year, so we hope you’ll join us in NOLA July 25 to July 29, 2018. In the meantime, if you can’t wait that long and are looking for a fun fall trip this year to enjoy some final heat before winter hits, we encourage you to attend Naughty in La starting Sep 30, 2017 or join any of the French Connection Events. Be sure to tell them that Oasis sent you.