Sex School with Miss F: Tantric Teaser ft. Eva Maya Devi-Exercises in Intimacy

SexSchoolTantraWeb On Friday Feb 7th, warm bodies ventured out into the cold to Oasis Aqualounge to attend the monthly workshop series Sex School with Miss F, held on the first Friday evening of every month.

For February, host Miss F enlisted in the expertise of Dakini Eva Maya Devi for a special presentation on the basics of Tantric Sex.  The word Tantra is a Sanskrit word that combines the  word expand (tan) and the word instrument (tra). Tantra has often been described as a spiritual science and/or a style of meditation that uses and expands energy from the chakras.  Eva Maya Devi explained that there are 9 chakras-which are points within the body-that can be activated by Tantric Sex.

While everyone was seated in a large circle, the instructor began with a brief introduction of herself and her practice, as well as some basic terminology and location of the 9 chakras. Once some basic points were covered, the instructor asked everyone to pair off and couples remained

EMGOSHeadshot seated while facing one another.

The instructor began by asking the couples to look deeply into one another’s eyes and hold the gaze, while lightly stroking each other’s skin. After a few minutes, the couples started to bond as their breath began to flow in and out with unified energy. The instructor then took the light touching into a deeper caress and while still maintaining eye contact and deep breathing. She asked couples to trace each other’s skin and to make patterns with the tips of their fingers. She instructed them to sigh and respond through sounds in order to express their pleasure. Soon, a room packed full of couples were intertwined with their partners. Arms and legs were wrapped and straddled and the sounds of breathing and moaning became one.

At this point, the energy in the room was extraordinary. Although the sounds were hazy and soft, there seemed to be a hum in the air and a warm glow surrounded the participants. During this time, there was no oral or penetrative sex nor any genital contact. The connection was purely through touch, breath and eye contact. The guests seemed adrift in a sea of pure bliss. The room was quiet but alive with passion and emotion.

Eva Maya Devi then incorporated a heart massage into the workshop. With one partner lying on their back and other partner positioned overtop and facing forward, the instructor demonstrated a circular motion which the guests used on their partner’s chest. This motion is said to active the heart chakra or anahata.  Anahata is thought to  govern circulation, unconditional love for the self and others, passion, and devotion.

The last element of this presentation was a 15 minute ‘Cuddle Party.’  Cuddle parties are designed to allowing people to experience non-sexual group physical intimacy through cuddling and affection. At this point, the couples separated and became one entity with arms and legs draped over one another.  Everyone seemed very relaxed and comfortable with one another and it was a fantastic way end the workshop.

Every guest received a raffle ticket to win a complimentary,  90 minute Tantra Fusion session with Eva Maya Devi in her private studio. One lucky guest was chosen at the end of the event and we hope that she enjoys another journey towards bliss!

Oasis Aqualounge is excited for the return of Dakini Eva Maya Devi  on Satuday  March 29th, 2014 for our Kama Sutra event. Please stay tuned for upcoming details.