Sexy Circus Freaks ~The Main Event

Saturday April 25, 2015

Come for the carnival, stay for kink, drinks & play! Lady Shayne’s birthday was a smashing success this Saturday. Ring master for the evening Fionna Flauntit proved once again that she’s the hostess with the mostess by bringing the circus to Oasis.

Circus style banners hung from the ceiling and carnival treats such as brightly coloured licorice, jelly beans and caramel corn were set on top of the barf for guests to nibble on.  Cake pops were handed out from a silver platter by Fionna herself later in the evening. No circus would be complete without “circus animals”-beautiful topless models sporting full body paint resembled a zebra and leopard mingled throughout the club for the evening.

At 10:30 pm the ballroom was packed with guests for the first show of the evening. An interesting circus-y looking Groucho Marx character (a.k.a Jonathan Kingpin) introduced the acts. Bella Meurta opened the show dressed as a mix of mime/clown and harlequin, her beautiful crystal ball routine and juggling mesmerized the crowd.  Next up was naked drummer duo El Toro & Arty with an amazing live drumming, comedic act, the crowd loved it. The headlining act Chaos Divine & her “creepy clown” was an unforgettable performance both sexy and circus-y.  The creepy clown was kneeling side stage while inflating a long balloon in front of his crotch, lusting over Chaos Divine as he watched her tease the audience by stripping out of her costume. The act had an amazing fetish-y twist when the clown was stripped out of his clown suit to reveal a harness with handcuffs and chain leash and Chaos stripped off her skirt to reveal a strap on!  The duo continued to gyrate all over each other until the song ended,  it was awesome!

The midnight show also was packed. Guests were all riled up after the last performance, so they couldn’t wait to see more. The weirdest act of the night was “F*ck Girafe,” he was dressed in a leather harness with an enormous fist strap on and inflatable toy giraffe as a head piece with an area cut out for his face while he danced to an original techno song, it was absolute ridiculous and hilarious. The headlining act for the night was the legendary Tanya Cheex as “the human pony.” Her costume was incredible, a huge feather headdress and bustle that hid the crystal encrusted saddle (complete with stir ups) and a huge pony tail, her performance completed the all-star cast for The Main Event. Special thanks to all the performers, models and body painter Dave for making the event most memorable.