Silver Glam Gala -Oasis 5 Year Anniversary

20151129_002526_resizedSaturday November 28, 2015

The energy in the club was absolutely electric for our five year anniversary party Silver Glam Gala. The club was decorated in metallic, flashy silver fringe and nearly everyone that wasn’t naked was dressed in super sexy, silver outfits. The Wraten’s no doubt helped play an essential role in that, for most of the late afternoon and into the evening the outfits just kept flowing out of their suitcases! Miss F was stationed on the main floor vaggazling amazing rhinestone designs on all the ladies into the wee hours. On the main floor, ballroom and red bar Oasis staff served complimentary champagne & cake for the appreciative guests.

At 11:00 pm Fionna Flauntit, who was painted head to toe completely silver, dazzled guests with an artful performance followed by the incredible pole dance sensation Natalia Rose. Following the performances even some of the guests managed to sneak on Natalia’s portable pole, they just couldn’t resist having the pole in the ballroom!

The rest of the night was an amazing, hot, sweaty, busy, sexy, blur! We’ve never seen so many people gettin’ it on all over the club, it was epic! Special thanks to all the staff who worked their butts off all night and of course to our amazing guests…we wouldn’t be here without you! We can’t wait to do it all again…New Years is right around the corner!