Soapy & Sexy Charity Car Wash

On Wednesday July 18th, the Oasis AquaFlirts held a charity car wash, with donations going to ACT; AIDS Committee Of Toronto.  The afternoon welcomed beautiful weather,  which was perfect for splashing about in the sun.   From 4pm-7pm, vehicles were guided off Mutual street where the AquaFlirts cleaned each car, with a donation of $10.

The Oasis AquaFlirts were able to raise a few hundred dollars to this important charity in a matter of hours. We greatly appreciate everyone who drove by to support this great cause! Special appreciate to our photographer Jrotica for taking pictures at this event.

Find the Oasis AquaFlirts on Sunday July 29th in Kensington Market for the upcoming Pedestrian Sunday. Feel free to meet, say hello and learn more about the amazing amenities and events found at Oasis Aqualounge.