Speakeasy Tease

This Saturday’s Speakeasy themed burlesque night was a hit! Many ladies were dolled up in their flapper dresses and accessories, even the gentlemen were ‘pimped out’ in fedoras, trousers with suspenders and even fancy canes. A big crowd gathered around on the main dance floor as the burlesque show started off with a bang! Great Canadian Burlesque featured a duet from the gal from ‘Down Under’ miss Gigi Vanilla alongside her beau, the crowd absolutely loved them. ‘The glamour from the ‘Hammer’ Chaos Divine dazzled with her flapper style routine and Oasis’s own Fionna Flauntit flaunted it of course! Two couples won for their sexy, speakeasy style and received passes to the Great Canadian Tease Burlesque Brunch.

The rest of the evening was a riot, the pool was bustling with sexy, naked, swimming bodies while upstairs couples banged like crazy! Back down in the dungeon the lovely (but deadly) Lady Shayne let a certain someone know who was boss! The evening never really wore down, everyone was too busy mingling and playing throughout the club until the wee, wee hours.