Spectator, Tango & Surf

The events at Oasis this weekend sizzled, kick starting June into high gear.  Friday night’s Spectator Sex was one of the hottest yet to date.  Four couples participated this month, including the clubs favourite Spectator hosts.  The upstairs floor quickly became very crowded as on-lookers awaited the ‘show’. Two couples got it on side by side in the upstairs fire place room sort of competing against or feeding off each others lustful moans & groans.  One of the participating couples just couldn’t keep their hands off one another even after their ‘performance’ they continued to play all over the club, with some devoted fans in tow.

Saturday’s “It Takes Two (or more) to Tango” was a hit!  For her first time to Oasis Lady K certainly left a lasting impression.  She wowed the audience with her solo tango number and then gathered the crowd in closer for a ‘Tango 101’ crash course. Oasis guests with dance experience and even those with two left feet had a blast learning the steps, and danced the night away!  Special thanks to our special guests Frenchie Fatale and Carlos Caliente for starting the night off with the sexiest salsa…even Oasis’s ‘salsa queen’ Jana was blown away!

Surfs up! It was a bit of a different format for the usual Oasis Sunday as the Great Lakes Surf Battle Music Festival took over the club from 1-5 pm for their official after party. Guests didn’t seem to mind the ‘pants on’ rule that applied throughout the downstairs & outdoor levels of the club for a few hours during the day…why? Probably because they had reign of the upper play floors to do whatever they wished and nudity everywhere was okay…and you can bet there was a lot of action happening upstairs!

Downstairs guests were decked out in Hawaiian shirts, lei’s and even their birthday suits with lei’s as they mingled about waiting for the live bands to perform. The headlining band was from Mexico City and the local luchador masked favourite stole the show with their gimmick and go-go dancers. The crowd loved the bands, even though it was loud, and the special surf rock play list kept the party in full swing…or perhaps that was the Tiki shot glasses filled with tequila?! It was a fantastic Sunday, the crowd mingled very well and even despite the on-again off-again rain everybody ended up in the pool or poolside. Looking forward to another ‘Surf-y’ Sunday in the future.