Steamwhistle @Hot Springs

March 18, 2015

Now that we’ve all long recovered from March Break it’s a great time to think back on the fun we had during Hot Springs with Steamwhistle Brewery.  Guests loved the free suds sampling and had a great time chatting with the friendly reps.  Later in the evening a number of guests played a few rounds of “strip beer pong” which really won the crowd over and became quite the spectacle.  Amazing prizes were awarded to the winners which included the “2015 Men of Steamwhistle Calendar,” Steamwhistle T-shirts, limited edition Pilsner chocolates and 50% off Oasis coupons. The party continued into the wee hours as there was so many activities happening throughout the night. We look forward to having Steamwhistle back very soon.

Also special thanks to The Hassle Free Clinic, “Nurse Miss F,” and to the Scissorfoxes for making this Hot Springs the best one of the early springs season!

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