Steamy Sapphic Dreams

Steamy Sapphic Dreams

by Miss F

As soon as she entered into the hot tub, she felt the eyes upon her. Strange eyelashes flickered and caressed her naked body, examining her from head to ruby-painted toe. She slowly lowered herself into the warm bubbles and let the heat wash over her. She was fresh meat to a night like this, a bathhouse event. What would happen? What would she do and more importantly, would anyone do her? She fantasized about the possibilities of an erotic encounter. Sometimes it was a passionate kiss under the stars, other times; it was a cold, hard fuck. She was ready for an experience; both her mind and legs were open and wanting.

She opened her eyes and in the hot tub appeared more bodies. She was surrounded by bare, glistening limbs, full breasts and hands that bobbed in and out of the water-splashing and diving deep underneath. She felt an “accidental” brush against her thigh and a splash of water tickling the tip of her nipples. With eyes lowered, she bit her bottom lip and very carefully brushed her own fingers against her soft pussy lips. A soft moan escaped her mouth and suddenly, she caught the eye of another bather who had been watching her squirm. Without even knowing how, she beckoned the bather to come closer, under the water.

The nude bather came a little closer but kept enough distance to remain anonymous. She arched her back and slid down so that her feet could grip the edge of the tub. She parted her legs and silently begged for more. Underneath the water, the bather’s fingers that touched her inner thigh slipped easily into her pussy and deeper still until the woman surrendered to waves

of ecstasy. She closed her eyes and breathed heavy, sighing, lost in the moment. Sounds of splashing water, laughter, bubbles all became one muffled sound as she gasped with every cell in her taunt body. Oh my fucking god – an explosion of white heat engulfed her.

She opened her eyes…she was alone. The hands, the bodies, the laughter were gone and her used and spent body floated peacefully in the water.