Strangers In High Heels

By: Miss F

Strangers in High Heels

I got her text and I thought she would be here tonight. It reads and I quote, “Meet me at Oasis Tuesday night at midnight. I’ll be waiting for you.” It’s now 1:30am and I am alone and horny and a little tipsy; it’s a danger combination, especially for a nymph like me. I attract trouble like a bee to sticky, sweet honey and I’ve been known to stick my entire hand inside the hive, so to speak.

Frustrated and disappointed, I emptied my locker and made my way to the bar to clear my tab. The cute bartender asked me if I had a good time and I managed to muster a smile; “Yea, it was great,” I chirped. It was great. I met some sexy women and swam naked under the warm, starry night. I locked lips and caressed tongues with the softest of mouths and feasted my eyes on gorgeous, supple bodies. Overall, it was a pleasant evening and I tried to shake off my hurt feelings of being stood up by my date.

While shoving my credit card in my wallet, I felt you standing beside me. I glanced sideways at you and noticed your tough, leather jacket and the broadness of your shoulders. I watched you pull out a $20 bill with long, lean fingers and notice your solid jawline. You turned your head to look me dead in the eye, piercing me with cold blue eyes.

“Leaving so soon, gorgeous?”

“Um…well, yea, I guess so. I was stood up, so…,” I trailed off, embarrassed. My face reddened and I felt myself shrinking in size. The last think I wanted to do was present myself as a lonely loser! I quickly started to gather my belongings.

You put your strong hand firmly on my forearm and gave me a carnivorous smile. “Well…let me buy you one more drink. You look too sweet to be alone and I could use some company upstairs.” You licked your lips and check me out from root to tip. My stomach fluttered and my cunt started to tingle. I slowly smiled and blushed again. “Okay, let’s go.”

We didn’t say much as we walked up the staircase and into the semi-private playroom. There was electricity between us–a hot and eager wanting that makes conversation irrelevant. We wanted to fuck another, to mash our mouths together and swallow each other’s tongues. I didn’t get a name and I didn’t want one. I don’t think the Leather Queen did either.

I backed up against the couch, my legs slightly apart. You slowly came towards me and your large frame seemed to eclipse the room. Shoving a denim leg in between mine and pulling me towards you, you kissed me deeply and slowly. I grinded my moist panties against your thigh and returned your passionate energy. You shoved two of those long and graceful fingers past my underwear and deep into my pussy. I arched my back and sprawled spread eagle on the hood of my car. With my skirt hiked up and panties to my knees, I surrendered to your hand, which by now, was in the form of a fist.

I rocked against you and rode waves of ecstasy as you pounded and wiggled my g-spot. Although you wouldn’t let me remove your leather jacket, you somehow managed to pull the top of my dress down, exposing my pink nipples, which you delighted in kissing and sucking. Reaching under my neck and pulling firmly on my hair, I opened my eyes and saw stars.

Here cums trouble! I thought…