Sunday Night Slumber Party-Event Recap

12347650_10153851605400972_8047246291365817410_ninflatable cocksSunday Night Slumber Party is the newest themed event at Oasis, occurring on the second Sunday monthly, starting at 8:00pm. The night is divided into two parts; an early fun feature, such as a lively pillow fight contest and following, a ‘movie of the month,’ that is shown in the Oasis Ballroom. Sexy sleep wear, cozy onesies and/or nudity is encouraged. While the night welcomes single men, as well as couples and women, single men are not permitted to visit the 3rd floor play areas without a female or a couple to play with.

The December edition featured an ‘inflatable cock fight,’ which was held in the Oasis Ballroom at 9:30pm.  Contestants banged their appendages against each other, in an effort to ‘knock the cock’ off the Velcro harness. Those who bet on the winners were rewarded with small tokens and Oasis swag. The final round featured  contestants wearing sleep masks, in order to create more of a challenge in the game.

At 10:30pm, the 2006 film about sexuality and a group of friends  in New York was projected in the Oasis Ballroom.  Guests were welcome to watch, lounge and play, while complimentary popcorn was served.  Others enjoyed the evening by relaxing in the pool and/or shedding their sleepwear for some Sunday Night sex!