Suzy Sex Toy Review: B Ball Uno Anal Toy provide by The Nookie

Today I will be reviewing the B Ball Uno Anal Toy by Fun Factory.  Special thank you to The Nookie in Toronto for providing this fun toy to review! To start I feel as though it’s worth mentioning that I am super new to anal toys so if you are as well then we are on the same page! I love reviewing anal toys though because they are not gender specific so pretty much anyone can enjoy them if they so wish. This toy is completely different from all of my anal toys to date. This is because not only is it an anal plug but it is also a hollow anal plug with a ball inside that bounces when you move. This is similar to some styles of kegal balls.

I love all of the styles of kegal toys that I have but I was skeptical about how I’d feel about an anal toy with similar components. I wasn’t sure if I would like it. To be honest though I think this toy may have ruined regular plugs for me because of the added bouncing sensation! At first when I was walking around I thought, “This is so weird!!” but now I genuinely enjoy how it feels.


– The added sensation of the ball inside the plug bouncing gives an added sensation

– High quality silicone

– T-bar bottom to prevent the loss of the toy anally

– The T-bar is undisruptive. It sits similar to a g-string so it can be worn at all times and you would never feel its base.

– Putting a strong vibrator to the base of the toy gives a CRAZY added sensation


–       A pain in the butt to clean (all puns intended) due to the ridges on the toy

–       This type of silicone seems to attract lint

–       The ridges are a little painful when inserting the toy. This could just be me being a wimp but I found the ridges to be a little painful. Use LOTS of lube.

Fun Suggestions:
– Insert a set of kegal balls that are hollow with a ball inside vaginally at the same time as the B Ball Uno anally

– Wear the B Ball Uno during sex

– Use a vibrator against the base to get the absolute most from your B Ball Uno

Overall I think the B Ball Uno is a bit of a game changer in terms of my experience with anal toys so far. I love the added sensation and can’t wait to wear it out in public or to work at Oasis! I’m not a fan of the ridges on the toy but I still feel like the pros strongly outweigh the cons. For future generations of this toy I’d like to see a sleeker version. Other than that I am totally a fan of this style of anal toy and see it replacing my current plugs.


– Suzy