The Bored Housewife Lingerie Fashion Event: Jan. 16th/16

Guests of Oasis Aqualounge were treated to a special lingerie fashion event on Saturday January 16th. The Bored Housewife Lingerie  and event producer Miss F brought a sexy show to the Oasis Ballroom which included live models and appearances by Oasis AquaFlirts.  

At 11:00pm, the models gathered behind the curtain to unveil some sassy and sultry looks, which were all   individually styled.  The designer paid special attention to details, such as accessories, jewelry and finishing touches that gave each model their own unique look.  In between sets, contests and games were played to an receptive audience.

Following the show, the models snuggled together tight for a fun photo shoot which included both individual and sexy group shots. These outfits definitely added to the mood and brought out some serious sexy kitten energy! All photographs credit: The Bored Housewife Lingerie

For more information on designs and personal styling, please visit  and/or contact directly to inquire about services.

A special thank you to all who attended the event.  Oasis Aqualounge is the perfect remedy for housewife boredom-expect more to come for 2016!