The Dame and The Dungeon

By: Miss F

A hand grasped a fistful of hair from the back of her head. She closed her eyes and felt the sharp tug sear through her body. A heavy boot kicked apart her small, bare feet until her stance was wide and vulnerable. She shivered with excitement and a touch of fear. The Stranger-the one who finger-fucked her in the hot tub earlier-was now behind her, preparing her body and spreading her eagle.

Along with the steamy hot tub, she had heard Oasis also had a dungeon. While she was a curious kitty, she was new to such experiences. She fantasized about a hot leather butch taking control and violating her with painful pleasure. Her stomach fluttered and she dripped with anticipation. The Stranger led her upstairs and pushed her towards the wooden cross against the wall. With a deft hand, the Stranger secured her wrists, first the right, then the left. She saw nothing as she faced the wall but felt a menacing presence and breathed in a musky scent of leather.

“Spread you pussy lips wide for me, like a good little whore.” The voice seethed, hot breath in her ear. “I am going to fuck you hard and you are going to love every excruciating second. If you find that I am too much for you, say the word ‘red’ and you will be freed from my grasp.”

One leather-clad glove covered her eyes, while the other hand traced seductively up her thigh. She knew she had a safe word that would release her if she felt uncomfortable. Still…she wanted, needed to test the waters. Suddenly, she felt a sharp sting and heard a slap. Her ass stung hot and red. Slap! Tears came to her eyes and a wave of pleasure engulfed her. Slap! Her cheeks prickled with goose bumps. There was a warm throb between her legs and she was dying to be penetrated by this husky stranger.

“I am going to make you come hard and when I am done, you are going to lick your juices clean from my glove. Do you understand, you fucking slut?”

She was dying of thirst and eager to lick her cum from those rawhide fingers. She understood.