Topless Tea Party & Samba Sass

Saturday July 19, 2014

The Oasis event this Saturday was titled “Sun, Samba & Sex” although the weather didn’t cooperative with us, so it was more like “Rain, Samba & Sex!”  However that didn’t stop the hosts, volunteers and guests from having fun and making it feel like the sun was blazing in the sky!  The afternoon began with a topless tea party on the front lawn of Oasis (facing Carlton Street).  This “topless promo” was geared towards raising excitement for the Oasis event “Pop Your Picnic Cherry” event happening the following Saturday.  A topless Miss F, Fionna Flauntit and guests (adorned with the cutest accessories) gathered on a blanket and enjoyed tea and cookies while handing out flyers to people passing by.  These topless ladies definitely got the attention they deserved, cars honked, people gave them a “thumbs up” and they even had one gentlemen say “they were a nice addition to the street.”

Later on in the afternoon and after a quick soak in the hot tub, Fionna gathered guests for the afternoon Samba workshop taught by Agatha Frisky.  The workshop ended up being held on the main floor (due to the rain) but no one really minded.  There’s just something about the percussion sounds of Samba music that had everyone smiling and bopping along before the lesson even begun!  It was a very informative and fun workshop, lasting an hour.  The ladies had a great time testing out their new moves, we can’t wait to do it over again…maybe even on the front lawn next time.

As the evening approached guests were already excited for the evening Samba workshop taught by our Samba instructor.  Around 9:45 pm the workshop began on the main floor, becoming quite the spectacle and great party starter.  One of the “students” from the afternoon class stuck around to take this class as well.  The format for this workshop was quite different, which worked out very well.  The instructor went through a serious of choreographed steps, even a few men joined in.  The workshop ran about 45 mins, which also worked out well as it started to get really busy on the main floor as the late comers arrived.

Following the workshop, the instructor changed into a fabulous costume and performed a few numbers on the main floor to a very appreciative crowd.  She even had a feather boa as a make-shift limbo stick and encouraged guests to participate, it was a blast!  Special thanks to the topless tea party volunteers,  and Agatha Frisky  for an awesome day.