What It’s Like To Be An Oasis Bartender

I love to shake up a sexy cocktail, and while I have bartended in a few places already, I was looking for a more adventurous atmosphere. I was drawn to being an Oasis Aqualounge bartender because I had visited Oasis before as a patron. I really enjoyed the flirty yet laid-back atmosphere and knew I could thrive in a sex-positive environment that welcomes all types. I also love experimenting with drinks in my off-hours; hosting friends for cocktails is one of my favorite things. So naturally, the job seemed like a perfect fit.

Because Oasis Aqualounge is open from 1:00 pm to 3:00 am, there are two separate shifts; one for the day and one for the night. I work during the day, starting my shift at noon, and taking an hour to make sure the bar is prepped before we open. I wrap up the day around 8:00 pm, at which point the night staff takes over my post. I enjoy the daytime crowd because it’s generally a more relaxed, spa-like atmosphere, which is also perfect for first-timers.

Before the club opens, I set up the bar equipment and layout all the cocktail essentials, so they are close at hand. I also wipe everything down so it looks neat and tidy. And as the day progresses, I continue to maintain the cleanliness of the bar and lounge area to keep the space comfortable. The bar is quite close to the entrance, so I make sure to greet guests as they first enter because we are big on providing great customer service, and I like making our guests feel comfortable. It is also a logical time for guests to start a tab with me at the bar, as they have their wallets or purses with them then, before they go and store their things in a locker. Running a tab is great when they later might have nothing on at all, and therefore, of course, have no pockets.

As you might expect, a large part of my day involves preparing drinks, but it’s also essential for me to be able to make recommendations asking guests about their tastes to get a feel for what they might like. Having a working knowledge of our liquors and menu is paramount and allows me to make suggestions that people will enjoy. Lots of guests feel adventurous at Oasis, so they’ll want to try something new.

The highlight of my shift is definitely talking to our visitors. I like to keep it light when chatting with our guests. Making people laugh is my bread and butter! It’s a sure-fire way to get everyone feeling relaxed and playful, and facilitating an enjoyable environment is a vital part of my role.

Oasis Aqualounge offers an extensive cocktail menu, and our signature drink is the Sex in the Pool. Tequila, a choice mix of fruity liqueurs and soda, makes it easy to drink and refreshing, and the bright blue-green hue makes it a perfect match for poolside in the summertime. Another popular choice for our guests is the Banana Daiquiri. This bright yellow twist on a classic daiquiri features rum, citrus juices, banana liqueur, and a sugar rim, making it a sweet treat for trying something a little different.

But as a bartender, I definitely have my own preferences on what I like to make. When it comes to my personal favorite, nothing beats a margarita. Tequila, lime juice, triple sec, and a bit of sugar syrup for those that like it sweet, shaken on ice. Strain it into a glass with an essential salt rim. Boozy and refreshing all at once – there’s a reason it’s a classic.

I am excited to meet you the next time you visit the club. I am usually positioned at the main floor bar-I’m the one with the green hair! Feel free to say hi, and I’d love to suggest a refreshing cocktail to enjoy during your stay.