Wiggle Wednesday @Hot Springs

Wednesday December 3, 2014

Tonight’s special format for the last Wiggle Wednesday of 2014 offered a late night 11:00 pm show with a delectable cast of burlesque babes. Newcomers to the Toronto burlesque scene (and a few newbies to Oasis as well) Lisbon Maginot , Foxy Roxy and Ms. Kelly Mari “the eccentric beauty” all proved they’ve got what it takes to the art of takin’ it off.

Lisbon kicked off the night with a classic rock act “American Woman,” wearing a very skimpy red, white and blue string bikini and matching boa.  Keeping with the classic rock theme the lovely Foxy Roxy, complete with an over sized fox tail and ears, strutted her stuff to Hendrix’s “Foxy Lady.”  The crowd was loving it!

Ms Kelly Mari switched gears with a classic old Hollywood stylized act performed to a modern song by Nine Inch Nails, a very unique neo-burlesque act.  The headliner for the evening literally had just landed from a 25 hour flight all the way from Australia!  The crowd went wild for the ever-so-charming Australian firecracker Gigi Vanilla!  She performed a beautifully choreographed classic bump and grind routine.  The gals definitely got everyone’s blood flowing all the  right places.  We can’t wait for the next Wiggle Wednesday on Wednesday January 7, 2015!