A few years ago, if someone had told me that I would be working as an event host at a sex club, I never would have believed them. I was hired as an Oasis Aquaflirt and have since spent many nights working as a fun and flirty event host inside Toronto’s water-themed adult playground. Now I manage the Aquaflirt team for Oasis Aqualounge.

It’s no surprise that people are fascinated—and even a little shocked to learn what I do. And for those curious, I’m going to break down my responsibilities and dispel any myths you may have about sex club event hosts.

An Oasis Aquaflirt role is similar to most customer service positions. We are responsible for ensuring that guests enjoy their time at Oasis Aqualounge, answer questions about the venue, and provide tours to new visitors.

And as a manager of the Oasis Aquaflirts, I ensure that everyone is properly trained on our processes and event details. Below I have recapped a day in the life of an Oasis Aquaflirt host.

Upon arrival

My shifts usually begin at 4:00 pm, but I like to arrive a little earlier to be ready and prepare for the night ahead. If I give myself enough time, I can also fit in a quick soak in the hot tub or a slip into our clothing-optional, ‘year-round heated pool. That’s just one of the many perks of working as an Oasis Aquaflirt!

I also love that I can wear a wide selection of outfits while on, as employees of Oasis Aqualounge are not required to wear uniforms. I usually choose something fun, sexy, and comfortable, especially regarding footwear. Oasis Aqualounge is a four-story, 19-century converted Victorian mansion, and as such, there are a lot of stairs.

Once I have finished getting ready in the staff room, I go downstairs to the main floor of the club to grab my wireless radio (which is perfect for when a manager needs to get a hold of me), say hi to the rest of the staff and announce that I am ready to ‘Aquaflirt’ for the night.

Tours and duties

One of my favorite duties is providing tours to new guests who enter the club. And because Oasis has so many interesting and sexy rooms explore-including our hot tub, dry sauna, and, of course, the outdoor heated pool—new customers greatly enjoy being shown around the various floors. Tours are also an excellent opportunity for guests to ask me questions as we move throughout the sexually-charged, clothing-optional environment.

Because Oasis Aqualounge is open from 1:00 pm to 3:00 am and offers daily themes, I host various features while working my Aquaflirt shift. If there is a good-sized crowd during the afternoon, I like to engage the guests with casual icebreakers or simply socialize to create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

It’s also helpful to chat with our visitors to receive valuable suggestions and feedback or answer customer inquiries on-site.

Our event features begin at 10:00 pm, usually in the Oasis Ballroom, a large play area on the second floor. The marketing team at Oasis provides an event planner who provides all event information. Oasis has different events every day they are open. Again, depending on the theme, I facilitate sexy games to help the guests mix and mingle, or sometimes, we host special guest speakers and presenters to speak on the featured topic.

I may also organize an erotic, live show where an exhibitionist couple performs for a voyeuristic and appreciative audience. Sometimes I host online events for our private Oasis community or coordinate with an online host if the event is happening both in the club and online. My shift typically wraps up by midnight.

A warm, water-themed welcome

Since so many different guests visit Oasis Aqualounge, it’s essential as an Aquaflirt to ensure that everyone feels welcome at the club. Of course, some guests require more attention than others, so I need to be able to read the vibe and understand what, if anything, our guests require.

For example, on days that welcome both solos and couples, a solo male alone may have questions or want to interact with others. I do my best to help guests connect with potential playmates, but sometimes a solo guest wants to enjoy some friendly banter or to play a fun activity, such as Giant Jenga, poolside.

And to be clear, while it’s essential to assume a pleasure-positive attitude and be at ease within the sexually-explicit environment, my role does not involve sexual interactions with other guests. I inspire our visitors to embrace their confidence and explore their desires and fantasies by making them comfortable.

Our fun and flirty team

Oasis Aquaflirts is one role within the various positions available at Oasis Aqualounge. Together, as a whole, our entire staff makes for a winning team that is focused on delivering excellent customer service and creating joyful, pleasurable, and positive experiences for our guests.

These days, I spend more time as an Event planner and Aquaflirt Manager. Still, I enjoy any opportunity to resume an event host role or cover for an Aquaflirt if they cannot make their shift. Getting feedback from guests is important to planning great future events.

This summer, catch the Aquaflirt team at various activities around Toronto, promoting Oasis Aqualounge and answering questions from those curious to learn more. If you are visiting Oasis for the first time, just ask an Aquaflirt for a tour, and they will happily introduce you to our entertaining and erotic environment.