Interview with Madison Banes from Naked News

Oasis Aqualounge is a sexually-charged, water-themed adult playground that embraces a clothing-optional policy. We want our guests to feel sexy in their own skin and we encourage those who enjoy being naked to proudly flaunt and show off their bodies. Feeling comfortable and confident in one’s body is one step towards having a satisfying sex.

Marketing Director/Event Producer Fatima Mechtab recently interviewed Madison Banes; a Naked News anchor, yoga instructor and proud nudist. Madison Banes held a photo shoot at Oasis Aqualounge back in August 2019, for a collaborative project between Naked News and Playboy Magazine, called ‘Behind The Lenz,’ with photographer Anthony Randall.

Madison Banes held a photo shoot at Oasis Aqualounge for a collaborative project with Naked News & Playboy Magazine
Oasis Aqualounge pool. Credit: Anthony Randall

Q: Tell us a little more about you!  What are your favorite hobbies or interests?

A: My favorite hobby is yoga. I’m also a yoga instructor! I also enjoy Burlesque, theater (and) any type of dance.

Q: When did you first start to model nude? What was your first shoot like?

A: I first started modeling nude when i joined the Naked News team. I had never even done nude modeling prior. Once I started with Naked News, my first shoot was with Shawn McPhearson; the photos were used as promotion for Naked News. Since then, I have traveled all over the world with modeling. Belize is still my favorite spot to shoot abroad; those pictures, I still use today. 

Madison Banes held a photo shoot at Oasis Aqualounge for a collaborative project with Naked News & Playboy Magazine
Oasis Aqualounge. Credit: Anthony Randall

Q: What is your favorite part of being nude?

A: Everything! I love being free. It’s taken me along time to be comfortable with my body and I still have moments of discomfort; i think we all do. To me, being naked is sense of empowerment and grounding. Its reminds me that we are all the same and of the same parts. It allows you to be more than (just) labels or the “cool trend.” To me, being naked is ‘bringing yourself back to (you)self.’

Q: What is ‘Behind The Lenz?’ How did you become involved?

A: ‘Behind the Lenz’ is a Naked News segment where a model and photographer collaborate for Playboy (or sometimes other magazines). The whole thing is recorded by our camera crew and then put on the air, for our viewers.  My producer asked me if i wanted to be a model and the rest is history. I worked with Anthony Randall and got some amazing photos at Osasis Aqualounge!

Madison Banes held a photo shoot at Oasis Aqualounge for a collaborative project with Naked News & Playboy Magazine
Oasis Aqualounge pool. Credit: Anthony Randall

Q: This shoot was recently held at Oasis Aqualounge. In your opinion, do you feel that sex clubs like Oasis Aqualounge could be helpful to those looking to explore themselves? If so, why?

A: This was not my first time at Oasis and it definitely won’t be my last! The atmosphere is not like any sex club I’ve ever been to. The relaxing setting really allows for anyone and everyone to touch on their boundaries and explore. The pool really creates such a chill vibe. Put it this way; I brought my ex girlfriend for her first experience and she is a conservative human. She had no issues getting comfortable and we had a night to remember!

Q: What advice would you give to those who are interested in nude modelling?

A: DO IT! You wont know if you like it, until you try! Just make sure that the first time you are with a photographer that you trust and that you are in control of your photos. Don’t do it for the wrong reasons; it should be for you!

Q: Name a favorite part(s) of your body and why?

A: My lips! I’ve always been told that I have great lips. I think I’m going to have to agree. Oh and my butt, sometimes… with the rights angles!

Q: What is a belief that you live by, every day?

A: Breathe. Everyone is doing the best they can with the knowledge they have. it’s not an easy one but it is the truest one for me. It helps me focus on the fact that humans think differently but its based on their own understanding, resulting in their own cultures, social structures and beliefs. 

If you are an erotic model and/or a proud nudist who is looking to be featured on the Oasis Aqualounge blog page, please email, attention Fatima Mechtab.

Lights, Camera, Satisfaction!

Are you a couple looking to fulfill a porn star fantasy? Visit Oasis Aqualounge in Toronto, Canada to learn more!

By: Fatima Mechtab

Oasis Aqualounge is a haven for couples looking to fulfill their sexual fantasies.  We can accommodate almost any desire and sometimes, those desires involve sex on camera.  As the producer of our own, in-house porn that is filmed inside the club, I have seen an increase in couples who are looking to explore the fantasy of being a porn star. 

Given that Oasis Aqualounge encourages a shame-free approach to sexuality within a body-positive environment, it makes sense that a valued guest may be more comfortable flirting with a role that has traditionally been limited to a particular physicality, age and/or conventional beauty standard. 

Traditional pornography is meant to illustrate a sexual fantasy but there is a wide disconnect between the illusion of sexual pleasure and the reality of what happens, while on set.  Professional porn stars are sometimes subject to less-than-desirable work conditions, constant interruptions from the director and physically demanding scenes and scripts, of which they have little or no control over.  Heavy editing is then used to ensure that a scene flows seamlessly.

 Like any film, paid actors are hired to play a character and we, the viewer, are then drawn in to believing that the passion is real.  Watching porn can be a healthy and pleasurable way to bond with your partner(s) but make no mistake; pornography is a business and not always reflection of true intimacy.

One of the major benefits of shooting amateur porn for sheer enjoyment is the lack of pressure so often felt by professional porn stars.  Couples can decide for themselves what turns them on and how they want to express their own sexual pleasure. They can stop as they wish or fuck for hours; they are in complete control of how their own fantasy will play out. 

One of the key characteristics of the porn filmed at Oasis Aqualounge is that the sex scenes are authentic and that the pleasure is genuine. Since Oasis Aqualounge is a sex club and not a porn studio, there is far more freedom and flexibility for couples to convey true passion and intimacy. In fact, we want couples to choose their own sexual acts because their personal comfort will then shine through, on camera.  What we provide is a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment in which to explore their desires at their own comfort level.

For couples who are wondering how they can make their own sex tape or how to fulfill the fantasy of having sex on camera, Oasis Aqualounge offers guests the chance to perform together, usually on the fourth Tuesday of the month during our reoccurring ‘Money Shot’ event. This event brings together both exhibitionists and voyeurs, who enjoy performing in front of an appreciative audience.  Our in-house videographer will even edit and supply a copy of the film, upon a couple’s request.  Our monthly ‘Money Shot’ event also provides the opportunity to learn how a couple could achieve a porn shoot from the privacy of their own homes.  Feel free to chat with our videographer, for tips on equipment, positioning, lighting and sexy themes!

Are you a couple looking to fulfill your porn star fantasies? Do you want to make your own sex tape? Visit Oasis Aqualounge in Toronto, Canada.

If you are a couple looking to bring your porn fantasy to life, contact Oasis Aqualounge and bring forth your ideas. We offer a few different options as to the filming process and as with any desire, we want to do our best to make yours cum true!

Fatima Mechtab is the Marketing Director/Event Produce and Oasis Porn Coordinator. Jason Jones is the in-house videographer and is also the CEO of Grown Erotica. Together, Oasis Aqualounge had three films nominated during the 2018 Toronto International Porn Festival and they created the Oasis Aqualounge Porn Hub Channel. Money Shot occurs on the 4th Tuesday monthly and welcomes live porn shoots, web cam models and erotic photography.

Jacqui Childs Wears Oasis AquaShop

Model, actor, social media influencer and former Naked News anchor Jacqui Childs did a photo shoot for our Oasis AquaShop clothing line, this past Wednesday. Jacqui was photographed alongside Oasis AquaFlirt/erotic model Cecilia Morrell. 

The shoot was done throughout the various rooms of the club and guests were permitted to observe. Jacqui brought her lovely energy and fantastic smile that added a warm spark to our weekly Hot Springs Wednesdays

Follow Jacqui Childs on social media;

If you like what you see (we mean the outfits!) visit our website to see our fabulous collection of Oasis AquaShop active wear, accessories, swimwear and more. Follow Oasis AquaShop on Twitter and on Instagram. 

We put the clothing in ‘clothing optional!’