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Chronic Nirvana – An Interview with Miss F of Oasis

Intersectional Go Topless March

Oasis Aqualounge participated in the official Go Topless Day with an intersectional gathering, that was organized by Marketing Director Fatima Mechtab. This empowering march also served as a peaceful protest to recognize sexual harassment as the main reason why so many women do not exercise their legal right to go topless in Ontario.

Thanks to Gwen Jacob,woman-identified folks won the legal right to be topless in Ontario in 1996.  However, many people do not exercise this legal right, due to sexual harassment and the potential threat of sexual/physical violence.

On Sunday August 26th, folks of all genders, including the Oasis AquaFlirts took to the streets to  get something off their chests, including their tops! This fun and festival day was enjoyed by many, who were able to embrace Topfreedom within a group setting, ensuring more safety in numbers.

We appreciate everyone who came out to march with us, in support of this important message.

Oasis Aqualounge featured on The Bed Post Podcast

Our Marketing Director Fatima Mechtab was recently featured on The Bed Post Podcast, hosted by Erin Pim.   The Bed Post Podcast brings together people, events and businesses within our sex-positive community; in Toronto and beyond.

The hour long segment covered general information about the club,  in additional to exciting updates on upcoming,  summer programming. Whether you are new to the idea of sex clubs or are a regular guest of Oasis Aqualounge, this episode provides insight and advice on what to expect and how to embrace our clothing-optional, sexually-charged environment.

The episode is also available on our Oasis Aqualounge YouTube channel for a full,  video experience.

Podcast host Erin Pim is also our resident lap dance performer and instructor during our monthly event Bump N’ Grind. Catch her on Friday May 11th, starting at 11pm.