When you pay to visit Oasis, you have full in and out privileges so you can go out and enjoy one of the over 100 restaurants in the area and return for more fun later. We are also happy to order food in for you;  ask a staff member  for our menu selection from local restaurants. We can place the order for your and let you know when it arrives.

If you do want to go out to eat, below are a few of our favorites, located only blocks away from the club:

Micky Fynns; a great neighborhood pub only 1 block west from the corner of Carlton and Mutual Street. Guests who show their Oasis admission wristband will receive 10% off their order.

The Keg Mansion on Jarvis (short walk from the club – steaks etc.)

The Blake House on Jarvis (short walk from the club, near The Keg). Open 11am to midnight, it has a bar area as well as dining area, and is in another of the giant historic homes like Oasis and The Keg.

Kinka Izakaya – formerly called Guu, this is a Japanese restaurant (not just sushi, lots of cool dishes, etc.) and is a real experience. They have communal tables or separate tables and there is lots of joint staff calling to welcome everyone as they walk into the restaurant–not a quiet place, but the food is different but really good.

W Burger Bar – a gourmet burger restaurant – just west of Yonge on College (Carlton is College it just changes names at Yonge) – you choose your bun, protein, and from a bunch of toppings

Fran’s Restaurant – a 50’s style diner that is open 24 hours and located right near College/Carlton and Yonge Street.