Meet Your Host Mitch and Geena

Let’s have fun on this episode with our guest, Geena!

Here are the questions that heated us up today:

Listen in as they get to know each other better through these hot and heavy questions:
1. What is the naughtiest fantasy that you never told anyone?
2. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done during sex? Would you do it all over again?
3. Do you like being watched during sex?
4. What are you wearing right now? What’s your underwear like?
5. Have you ever filmed yourself while masturbating and watching it later with your partner? Or sent it to him later on a 45-second or a 10-minute clip?
6. Say we had a scarf, a vibrator, and a spatula in front of us. How would you use each one of them on me?
7. What was the most number of times you had sex with someone in one day?
8. What is the most flexible sex move you can do and tell me why it’s awesome?
9. How many toys do you have in your toy collection?
10. Where is the wildest place you’ve ever had solo sex?
11. Have you ever fingered or pegged your partner?
12. If you were gonna make a sexy movie, what would the title be?
13. Which do you thing is hotter, sex standing against the wall or bending over a table?
14. What is your favorite kind of sex, soft and sweet or aggressive and feisty?
15. Have you ever hired a call girl for your husband?

Listen in to hear who answered which question… Plus learn more about our guest, and her fetishes.

Which questions do you relate to the most? What other steamy questions did they ask each other?

Also, find out what dare the hosts were asked to perform at the end of the episode.

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