Public Safety, Sanitizer & Sexuality; How Coronavirus Will (and Won’t) Change Our Sex Lives

During the Coronavirus pandemic, sexy times are only….six feet away! As we mask up during this challenging outbreak, it is obvious that our approach to sexuality will need to change; both in the short term and long term.

But as we keep our hands to ourselves (and maybe ON and/or inside ourselves), check out this interesting article on Love And Sex In The Time Of Coronavirus, featuring excerpts from Anna Muldoon, a former science policy adviser at the US Department of Health and Human Services and current PhD candidate researching infectious disease and social crises at Arizona State University.

Washing your hands, sanitizing, disinfecting and committing to social distancing are all key efforts in helping to flatten the curve. In the meantime, show yourself some sexual self care, Skype with your lover(s) and/or travel back to a time of phone sex. Keep calm and keep on cumming!

Artsy Aquaflirts At The Annual Super Naughty Show

The Oasis AquaFlirts were seen promoting for Oasis Aqualounge at the annual Super Naughty Show, held at the Super Wonder Gallery in Toronto.

On Saturday February 29, the Oasis AquaFlirts attended the annual Super Naughty Show, which was held at the Super Wonder Gallery, from February 28-March 1. The Super Naughty show is a curation of erotic, visual arts by created by various local talent and the themes of sex and body-positivity align perfectly with the values of Oasis Aqualounge.

The AquaFlirts had the opportunity to mingle with gallery guests and to spread the word about Oasis Aqualounge to those who were curious and/or unfamiliar. Our team loves to chat with others about the various offerings and events held at the club. For those who were interested in visiting Oasis Aqualounge for the first time, the ‘Flirts handed out 50% coupons, towards reduced entry.

Oasis Aqualounge also supports local artists who wish to display their original, erotic art on our walls for sale. If you are an artist looking for additional exposure, please email us at: to be connected to our our in-house art curator. However you choose to express your desires, our sex-positive venue and community will embrace your endeavors!

Catch the Oasis AquaFlirts promoting around the city this coming spring and summer. Say hi to our team and learn more about our water-themed, clothing-optional, sexually-charged environment for women and their partners. For more information about the Oasis AquaFlirt position, you can email, attention Cece.

Spring Into Your Sex Life

Add some spring into your sex life! As the daylight increases, so does our libidos. Enjoy some natural sunlight and afternoon delight at Oasis Aqualounge.

By: Fatima Mechtab

If you live in Canada, you know that the harsh, winter season can freeze our libidos. Snow storms, layered clothing and a lack of daylight can all contribute to us feeling less interested in sex.  But eventually, Mother Nature warms up and the seasons change; as the ground starts to thaw, so do our desires. 

The phrase ‘spring fever’ seems to evoke a free-spirited sense of warmth and excitement. For me, the beginning of the spring season is like a charge of new energy and it seems to correlate with the increase of light in the sky.  As the clocks ‘spring forward,’ our sex lives also seem to ‘spring ahead.’  But how exactly does the increase of daylight effect our libidos?

To start, brighter skies and sunshine have an impact on hormone production; specifically, melatonin and testosterone. Melatonin is usually produced in the body at night and/or when the sun goes down and darkness occurs. Melatonin can inhibit our libidos and is considered to a be natural fertility suppressant.  According to a New York Times article, a study conducted by Dr. Alfred Lewy, a research psychiatrist, showed that exposure to bright light can shut down the production of melatonin in some people. 

 On the other hand, testosterone is a hormone that increases sexual desire, particularly in men.  A study conducted by The Medical University Of Graz found that exposure to sunlight created a surge in testosterone production, deeming ‘sunlight as a natural aphrodisiac.’ Aly Dilks’ a sexual health expert says “…in terms of the chemicals it stimulates, testosterone is the one most responsible for our sex drive and studies show that the sun is a great factor in its production.”

Add some spring into your sex life! As the daylight increases, so does our libidos. Enjoy some natural sunlight and afternoon delight at Oasis Aqualounge.

Exposure to sunlight also helps manufacture vitamin D in the body, which correlates to the production of oestrogen; a hormone found in women, which is responsible for sex drive and maintaining the health of the vagina wall. Psychiatrist Ashwini Nadkarni, M.D. notes that “Sunlight has been shown to have an association with serotonin, a key neurotransmitter in the ability to experience pleasure.” In short, exposure to more daylight results in a chemical reaction in our bodies that in turn, affects our sex drive.

Aside from this natural phenomenon, there are other factors that contribute to us wanting to take it off and get it on, in both the spring and summer. The warmer weather leads us to shed our clothing; revealing more exposed skin. The fresh, outdoor air invigorates our spirits and boosts our confidence. We come out of winter hibernation, more eager to socialize and connect with one another.  Certain seasonal foods that can help boost libido are more readily available to us. In short, as the days become brighter and longer, our sex drives become stronger!

How can we channel all of this newfound, erotic energy? If your schedule permits, I suggest taking advantage of the natural daylight and planning some ‘afternoon delight’ with your lover(s).  Add some spice to your sex life with a sensual, outdoor picnic or sneak away to a secluded park or beach area.  Take an extended lunch break with your partner and enjoy a passionate quickie.

Add some spring into your sex life! As the daylight increases, so does our libidos. Enjoy some natural sunlight and afternoon delight at Oasis Aqualounge.

If your city has an on-premise, sex club, check their business hours to see if they are open during the day. Some clubs offer Sunday hours for afternoon delight. Others, like Oasis Aqualounge, located in Toronto, is open from 11am-3am, seven days a week and provides the perfect location for daytime play with plenty of sunlight and natural vitamin D. Cool your revving libido with a romp in the plush playrooms.

As the seasons start to change, get ready to shed those layers and rediscover passion and intimacy.  On Sunday March 8, set your clocks an hour ahead and put some spring into your sex life!