Oasis AquaFlirts Support 30th Annual AIDS Walk Toronto

Graced with beautiful weather, the Oasis Aquaflirts had an amazing time at the 30th Annual Aids Walk held in Nathan Phillips Square on September 16th.

Sex-positive booths provided educational and practical materials such as condoms, lube and brochures which created a judgement-free atmosphere very similar to Oasis Aqualounge. The Aquaflirts had enjoyed spreading their wonderful energy, while having fun in the sun, promoting our upcoming events. 

Connecting with the other promoters and participants during the walk, the Aquaflirts had the chance to talk about our lovely club and learn about the various organizations that support the LGTQ+ and POZ+ communities in Toronto. Filled with creative signage, inspiring performers and refreshments,  the annual Aids Walk was an afternoon to remember!


Naughty In’ N’awlins; 2018 review

It was a sunny Friday morning late July when a fleet of cars loaded up and headed out for Naughty in Nawlins. Define fleet, 4 cars filled with fun loving people enough luggage for a months vacation, sexy outfits, shoes and even a few toys!

This was no ordinary everyday road trip but a Lifestyle road trip! Plenty to explore and enjoy on the way down to the 20th edition of NIN.

First stop Friday night in Fort Wayne Indiana, The Champagne Club winner of best Lifestyle club in the Midwest 4 years running and the 2018 winner of best Lifestyle club at the annual Lifestyle awards! Very well deserved, large open concept high end decor, well appointed playrooms and dungeon and the largest dance floor of any Lifestyle club we’ve been to. Just over 6 hours from Toronto well worth a visit.

After a 7 hour drive Saturday we found ourselves in Crossville Tennessee at Pandora’s Forest Resort, a Lifestyle/Nudist campground deep in the woods, somewhat rustic but great for a relaxing Saturday in the sun. Hang out by the large outdoor pool or hot tub grab a bite to eat in the small cosy restaurant then an afternoon nap before attending the Saturday evening dance in the club house. Must mention the fact that we’ve never met a friendlier group of people than the folks at Pandora’s the Queen, Princess, Judge and their loyal friends and subjects really made us feel welcome and like part of Pandora’s royal family.

A short 90 minute drive Sunday morning and we were in Nashville, music and party town Tennessee for some Vanilla fun. Great music and food everywhere, checked out the Johnny Cash Museum and some local bars, BB Kings for a BBQ dinner and some live blues, then off the tourist beat to Printers Alley for more music and dancing at ironically the “Bourbon Street Blues & Boogie bar!”


One more 8 hour drive and we found ourselves in Nawlins, early Monday evening let’s get this party started! Off to Frenchman’s Street where the Bourbon Street tourist’s don’t usually go for Supper at Praline Connection and live jazz at Snug Harbour with Charmaine Neville’s Band! “More cowbell Vince!”


The convention starts Wednesday afternoon so by arriving early you get a chance to acclimate yourself to the Nawlins vibe, eat, drink see some sights and listen to some live music before the four days of mayhem ensues!


As mentioned 2018 was the 20th anniversary of Naughty in Nawlins, it just keeps getting bigger and better, 2300 fun loving Lifestylers partying right on Bourbon street! Complete hotel takeovers, a Lifestyle pride parade, a full menu of meet & greets, workshops, classes, bar takeovers, themed dances, playrooms as far as the eye can see, a dungeon packed with all manner of kink play furniture, let your imagination run wild!


We met up with some old friends and made many new ones, in fact we had so much fun we’re going back on the road in 2019! Why not join us! For further details and answers to any questions please contact us at ourspecialplace@live.ca


Student Open Mic Night; A Review

Student Open Mic Night at Oasis was a great experience for all who came out, artist’s & creative humans of all kinds.

Oasis is known for connecting people on an intimate level.  However,  there is nothing more beautiful than seeing folks display and share their passion among one another.  Singers, dancers, poet’s and  comedians alike tookto the stage to showcase their hidden talents.

The beautiful thing about Oasis is that as folks shed their clothes & their outside persona; their insecurity tends to disappear too. Allowing people to be free and open with who they are, and what they have to offer in a fun, exciting & alluring environment.

Thanks for joining us for Open Mic Night; hopefully we’ll see you at our next one!

Cece; Event Host & Oasis AquaFlirt