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Oasis AquaFlirting at the Everything To Do With Sex Show 2019

The Oasis AquaFlirts promote Oasis Aqualounge at the Taboo Sex Show 2019 in Toronto

The Oasis AquaFlirts spent the weekend promoting for Oasis Aqualounge at the Everything To Do With Sex Show, which was held at the International Centre in Mississauga from November 29-December 1, 2019. This fabulous promotional team brought their signature, welcoming smiles and high energy to this annual, consumer show, featuring products, presenters and entertainment from the sex-positive community.

The Oasis Aqualounge booth featured an on-premise Couples Lounge at the Everything To Do With Sex Show 2019

This year, Oasis Aqualounge partnered with SDC to include an on-premise, Couples Lounge as a special addition to our usual set up. The Couples Lounge featured Sybian rides and play furniture, which provided an intimate opportunity for guests to experience a mini-Oasis, right at the show.

The Oasis Aqualounge booth and promotional staff at the Everything To Do With Sex Show 2019.

Our promotional team enjoyed chatting with show attendees; sharing information about the club and our event offerings and handing out promotional material about Oasis Aqualounge. They also took the time to have some playful fun, showing off their vibrant and open-minded personalities.

  • Oasis Aqualounge founder Judy Kaye and Marketing Director/Event Producer Fatima Mechtab presented a seminar entitled ‘Your First Visit To A Sex Club,’ which served to prepare couples on how to get the most out of their visit, as well as providing general information on the diversity of clubs, etiquette and themes.

The Oasis AquaFlirts had an exciting weekend, connecting with our community, supporters and valued members of Oasis Aqualounge. We would like to thank everyone who attended the Everything To Do With Sex Show, as well as our partners from SDC. We look forward to welcoming new and returning customers to the club. See you next year!

Down To Fuck: 1st and 3rd Tuesday Of Every Month

What is DTF? 

DTF stands for Down to Fuck, and Oasis now holds this event the first and third Tuesday of every month. This event is specially designed for women who want to enjoy the company of multiple men (it’s also called gangbang night). While women’s safety is always a priority at Oasis, we have created an event where women can feel emotionally and physically safe and supported to explore this side of their sexuality.   

What makes DTF different from other nights?

DTF is one of our biggest Oasis events each month. If you want to experience a busy night where everyone is excited and ready for an unforgettable time, than you should come to DTF. 

At DTF, we have fun party games with active participation (which are great ice breakers), Aquabella, our Real Doll, comes out to play, we award points to the members of the Players Club, and the gang bangs go on all night long. For more information on all of the fun, continue reading!

Just like on other Oasis Tuesday nights, at DTF the third floor is open to everyone whether accompanied by a woman or not. The ballroom on the second floor becomes a more private space that follows “Wednesday third floor” rules, meaning solo gentlemen must be accompanied by a woman to enter the ballroom space from 8pm to midnight. This quieter space was created at the request of DTF regulars who prefer to select a smaller group of men to interact with and who wanted a space just for their small group.

DTF can get very busy and many people have described DTF as “intense”. It’s a lot of fun, but can get crowded. That’s one reason Oasis has now made DTF two nights every month. We make sure there are lots of staff and security on site to make sure the event runs smoothly, and that if anyone feels overwhelmed we encourage you to reach out to any of the Aquaflirts or floor staff. 


Women who RSVP to DTF will have free entry to the club for themselves as well as a guest they have registered.

RSVP by going to the event and filling in the form at the bottom of the page.  Include your guests name. You must RSVP by 11:30pm the night before the DTF event you want to attend in order to receive free admission. We do not accept RSVPs on the day of the event.  RSVPs for the next DTF open within a few days after the last DTF event and can be found on the event listing on our website. If you don’t get to RSVPing, you can still come and join the fun, but you’ll need to pay that night.

You do not need to re-register if you change your guest. As long as we know you are coming to the event and bringing a guest, you’ll be on the list. Note that we ask that you arrive together with your guest, to get the complimentary entry.

Your free entry begins at 7:30pm. If you would like to come for the day, you can pay the daytime door fee or use your players club points for entry. The club is open every day at 11:30am for your enjoyment.  

What to Expect

While free entry for RSVPs begins at 7:30pm, the event itself starts at 8:00pm. Aquaflirts will be downstairs greeting everyone, answering questions and offering tours to first timers.  

At 8:00pm, Aquabella (our Real Doll) comes out to play in the dungeon. Additionally, the third floor becomes open to everyone and the ballroom becomes the private space with “third floor” rules.  

At 9:00pm, there is a champagne toast for the women of DTF in the red bar with Rae and Miranda. Gentlemen, this is a great place to meet and mingle with the women you may be playing with later in the event, and you can purchase your own champagne if you would like to join in the toast. 

Icebreaker games are at 9:30pm in the dungeon. Icebreaker games are usually entertaining to watch, even if you don’t want to play. The games change every event, but could involve simulating oral sex on fruit, playing Twister, or classic party games turned dirty (dirty charades, dirty scattergories). Games are usually a mix of different things to allow a variety of people with different abilities to play, and they are lighthearted in nature. Playing the games, is one way for women to earn points for the Players Club, but it’s also a great way to meet people you want to talk to again later that night.  All rules of asking for consent still apply for anything we play, and you will not be required to do anything you are uncomfortable doing.  

At 11:00, Rae and Miranda will begin checking out all patrons who earned points for the players club. Points will be awarded between 11pm-12am, so please make sure to check out with Miranda and Rae if you are part of the Player’s Club. 

The Players Club

The players club is how we say thank you to the women who have helped make DTF a thriving community, and for participating in our event; the awarded points can be used to purchase memberships or other items from the club. The best part is it’s free to join! 

How to Join

Join the players club at DTF!  Miranda can set you up with a membership starting at 8:00pm in the red bar.  

Pre-registration (RSVPs

Pre-registering for DTF give women and their partners complimentary admission to the DTF event starting at 7:30pm.

Pre-registration closes at 11:30 pm, the Monday before DTF, and opens within a day or two following DTF. Nobody is permitted to register the day of for free admission, but you are welcome to pay the door fee and earn points that night. 


Points can be used to buy a monthly membership to the club, or items from the Preferred Patrons app (like Oasis swag or chocolate). Points can be spent through the app or at the customer service desk on the main floor. 

Points are allocated at the discretion of Rae, Miranda, and Cece based on each person’s contribution to the event. We hope you come and enjoy DTF because you are excited to join the fun, not just to earn points. 

Points will not be awarded to anyone who is rude or entitled to Aquaflirts, staff, and other patrons. 

How do I make sure you are getting “the most” out of your night? 

Just like every other night, the best way to have fun at DTF is to come with an exploratory mindset. Many people attend their first DTF just to see what the event is and don’t necessarily play – that’s okay! You can still have fun playing the games, and even if you don’t end up in a gangbang, you’ll probably make some amazing like-minded friends.

Bring your manners and be polite!  While people are more forward about asking if you are interested in playing at this event, make sure you’re paying attention to “soft Nos” as well as “hard Nos”.  A “soft No” is when someone says “not right now, maybe later, or sorry I have significant other” or perhaps walks away every time you approach. As always, you must ask before you touch, this applies to all genders! This event is all about being respectful and friendly.  

Lastly, a friendly reminder to stay out of the “splash zones” on the third floor. This is a section of the floor taped off. We like to give people playing some room to breathe while they’re playing, so unless specifically invited past the tape lines, please do not step over these lines.  

I would like help facilitating my gangbang!

Excellent – the Aquaflirts are always happy to help.  We have a few options for you.  

Option 1 – Tent Cards

Ask Rae or Cece for a tent card with matching wristbands.  You decide what time you want your gangbang, where, and with whom. When you’ve decided a time, we will write that time on the card and wristbands. You can hand out wristbands to all the people you want in the gang bang. This makes it easy for people to identify who is supposed to be there, and who isn’t. When it’s time, find your location, place your tent card somewhere visible, and have fun. The Aquaflirts will make sure to announce that the gang bang is beginning, and for all people with the matching colour wristband to join you.

Option 2 – Spontaneous

If you are interested in a gang bang but don’t want to schedule it, approach the people you are interested, take them to the space you want to play in, and have fun! 

Gangbang Monitors

Some people like to have an additional person there to monitor and make sure that everything is happening safely. That’s why we allow you to bring a guest in with you. Many people have a friend or partner play the role of gangbang monitor. We have security guards and Aquaflirts frequently checking on all the play spaces. Aquaflirts are not trained as security, and may not be available to stay near during your entire play time, but if one is available you can certainly ask if they can stand nearby while you get started to keep an eye on things.  

Which Aquaflirt do you talk to for what?

Have questions about games, activities, point values, and general timing of the evening?  Ask Rae!

Have questions about the Players Club? Ask Miranda!

Have questions about other events and Aquabella? Ask Cece!  

There will be two Aquaflirts in addition to Rae, Cece, and Miranda, and they are also happy to answer any questions about the event and the club. All our staff wear name tags, however Rae works naked. Look for the person with “Rae” written in sharpie across her chest. 

I LOVE your DTF shirts! Where do I buy one?

The Down to Fuck shirts are available in the Oasis Aquashop, and the club occasionally carries a few by the customer service desk. Check out the Oasis AquaShop for other cute Oasis apparel. 

AquaFlirting & Booty Shaking; Go-Go Dancing At the Stag Shop

Our fun-loving, promotional team-the Oasis AquaFlirts-were found dancing in the display window of the Stag Shop; a popular sex toy store franchise, right here in Toronto. The AquaFlirts showed off some sexy Go-Go dancing moves on both Saturday August 24 and Saturday August 31 at the Yonge Street Stag Shop location

Oasis Aqualounge loves to pair with like-minded, retail stores that share our values of sex and body-positivity. We have a wonderful relationship with Stag Shop and other, similar businesses in Toronto and beyond. For more information about our events and how you can visit Oasis Aqualounge as a first time guest, check out our marketing material inside their store.

If you are a business that is looking to collaborate with us, we would love to hear from you! Feel free to contact, attention Miss F for more information. We offer cross promotion and a mutually beneficial arrangement between our clientele and yours!

The Oasis AquaFlirts love to get the party started! Catch these vibrant, brand ambassadors during Ryerson University’s Week Of Welcome from September 4-September 6. If you are interested to learn more about the team, contact attention Cece, for details.